19 June 2009

Trip to PA - Part 9 - Puppies

My sister has 2 ADORABLE puppies, Phoenix and Paris. They are about 2 years old and came from the same litter.

After sister's race, we took the puppies down to the neighborhood park to run around and we let them go into the stream where Phoenix played in the mud and Paris actually ventured out into the water. We thought she got stuck in the middle of the stream at one point but sister was able to coax her back to dry land.

Here are pictures of Mom and Sister trying to hose off the puppies.

Sister and Phoenix before his bath.

It takes 2 of them to hose off Phoenix. He really hates the hose....Mom is holding Paris's leash who is over sitting by my feet.

Paris's turn! Mom did it on her own while Sister took Phoenix around the yard to dry off.

Puppies rolling around in the grass getting dry! Paris is the golden color puppy and Phoenix is white and tan.

And this picture was taken a few hours after their walk to the park and stream. Sister was taking a nap and Phoenix was protecting her. Last year when sister had her abdominal surgery, Phoenix would lay as close as he could to sister to protect her from anything - he knew she was sick and would just lay there to comfort her.

These dogs have been a real blessing to my sister. I love my niece and nephew!

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Proud Mom said...

Awww.... they are just the sweetest!