17 June 2009

Trip to PA - Part 7 - Wilbur Chocolates

So in my last blog about my trip to PA, we visited the Sturgis Pretzel Factory. Once we were done there we walked through the quaint town of Litiz.

We finally found the Wilbur Chocolate Factory after asking a very nice policeman and a few other tourists. After a bit we just followed our noses!

Don't you just love Barbie's hat?

Talking with one of the chocolate makers.

Getting the strawberry ready.

Dipping the strawberry into some yummy milk chocolate!

Gotta let it drip.

This carasol is 100% edible, except for the motor that made it turn!!

LOVED this chocolate frog!

The chocolate scupltures were just amazing, details unbelievable!

So quaint!

A Moose!

This lady was making dinner mints...first the order was for 250 pieces once a month and then the week before we toured the factory, the restaurant ordered 500 pieces a week! Needless to say, she has some serious job security as she is the only one that makes these mints!!

They had a beautiful collection of tea pots and tea cups.

I loved the clock right outside the chocolate factory.

But they wanted their picture taken in front of the Wilbur Chocolate sign- you really can't see the sign all that well.

Here is the group (minus me) around the clock. It's just beautiful!


Anonymous said...

These posts make me want to go back to PA just so I can get some pretzels and chocolate. I may have to run to the store for a candy bar at the very least right now to tide me over.

Proud Mom said...

What a fun little trip! Amazing to see what they can do with chocolate - my favorite is that carousel - WOW!