29 June 2009

Princess Fiona

After enjoying the festivities for Memorial Day, we all headed to the church that I grew up in for some water and pie, a fundraiser put on by the Women of the Church.

And along comes this girl. She is so stinking cute. But I recognized her from somewhere.

I'm sure you will recognize this girl too even if you have never met her in your life.

Doesn't she look like Princess Fiona from Shrek? Maybe Shrek and Princess Fiona's child?

I'm not trying to be mean because she is the most adorable little girl you will ever meet, but I have never ever in my life met someone who looks almost identical to a cartoon character. Apparently she's stopped A LOT by professional photographers asking for her picture basically anywhere they go. She's stopped in airports, amusement parks, even walking along the side of the road.

She and my Mom were partners in a church play not too long ago and became fast buddies.

I just want to squeeze her checks!

Maypole Dance

The maypole Dance is a PA Dutch tradition where dancers dance in a circle each holding a colored ribbon attached to a pole; the ribbons are intertwined and plaited on to the pole itself.

It is tradition for this Dance to take place during the Memorial Day festivities in the birthplace of Memorial Day, Boalsburg, PA.

Getting the ribbon ready.

The dancers wore simple white dresses with a brightly colored sash.

Starting the MayPole Dance! It's danced to Polka music!

Here they are starting to wrap the poll with the ribbon - under, over, under, over

Now you can really see the dancers going under and over ribbon.

Happy Memorial Day!

Here's the pole wrapped up!

The Butterfly Garden

Part of the Hershey Gardens is the Butterfly Museum. It's simply amazing to see all these butterflies up close.

Entrance to the Children's Garden where the Butterfly Garden is located!

A Monarch Butterly in top of another

Appropriately named, Zebra Butterflies!

"Mom there's a butterfly inside a butterfly!" Oh I loved these little girls.

26 June 2009

More flowers

While I was in PA over Memorial Day weekend, we spent some time walking through the Hershey Gardens. It was a typical hot and humid PA summer day - so we only walked through a small portion of the Hershey Gardens. I took a TON of pictures of the various species of roses.

I don't know what kind of roses they all are, so if you know any, please leave me a comment and I'll update the post with their names!

If you want copies of some of these pictures, then email me - I'll email you a better quality picture than the one I have posted on here (I reduced the quality of the image to it would be a smaller file, which makes it so much easier to post pictures online). Again, if you want to see a larger version of the picture, just click on the image! Enjoy!

**Edited - I've labeled the roses that I don't have names to, making it much easier for me to be able to label them later on!**

These are called Sunsprite Roses.














These are called Mardi Gras Roses!


Cool scuplture in the middle of the Rose Garden!