24 June 2009

Mercy - from MckMama

I LOVE MckMama's blog, www.mycharmingkids.net. She is an amazing photographer and has 4 ADORABLE kids - and on top of all that, she's an amazing writer!

I've been following Stellan's story for some time now. And I LOVE the nicknames she's given her kids, Big Mac, MckNugget, Small Fry and MckMuffin (Stellan).

Yesterday MckMama posted about her husband's (MckMama affectionatly calls her husband Prince Charming) love for ice fishing and how all his ice fishing gear was stolen (even the bob house!!!!) when he left it on the frozen lake to drive a drunk man home.

You have to read the whole post to see how Prince Charming handled the situation.


I would love to say that I would act the same way Prince Charming did in this situation, but I know I wouldn't. I would have let the police take care of the situation.

Prince Charming is a good man, we all have something to learn from this story!

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