26 June 2009

Chocolate Poppy

My cousin Pam, over at Savoring the Sweet Life, is an amazing photographer. Today's post is all about the Coulter's Matilija Poppy. I told her that I would post a picture that I took while touring the Hershey Gardens last month of a Chocolate Poppy. I find it so amazing that the Coulter's Matilija Poppy and the Chocolate Poppy differ so much in color, but the petals are so simlar in texture!


Proud Mom said...

BEAUTIFUL bloom! Wow - what gorgeous colors! I'm so glad you posted this. (Love how you captured the shadows and wrinkles of it!) Does Hershey have a garden of chocolate flowers? (We have a botanical garden in SD that has a section of plants that have unique smells-- the most amazing is the chocolate geranium!)

Dana said...

They don't have a garden of chocolate flowers (well they may, but I didn't see it) but in the Children's Garden (where these poppies were located) they did have flowers that had chocolate involved names like chocolate mint, chocolate poppies :-) I've never heard of the chocolate geranium - I can only imagine what it smells like!