02 June 2009

Trip to PA - Part 3 - Amish Country

First we went to Sonic and ate lunch - this was our first time at a Sonic!

Apparently I was having a good make up day on the Friday morning...

Then we came across Gram's chickens. She has chickens that don't lay eggs. I don't know if this chicken lays eggs or not, but when we saw this chicken it reminded us of Gram.

And a tree that MIL really really loved.

We saw lots of Amish tending the fields...this team of horses was being turned around to bring the hay back into the barns.

After we were done gawking at the Amish doing their chores, we stopped by a road side stand and bought 2 pies and 2 whoopie pies. Yummy!!
Next stop, the family dinner in Reading!


Anonymous said...

Sonic is the BEST. Dan and I make regular trips there. The Happy Hour is the most awesome idea ever. Half priced drinks from 2-4 every day. LOVE IT.

That is funny you took all those Amish pictures. Dan has an older sister who loves to take Amish pictures. The thing is they don't allow their photo taken. So she would hang out of the car window with her camera snapping as fast as she could while she had someone else driving by. Poor Amish people had to have been so traumatized when Sharon would come to town.

Dana said...

Jess - when my aunt from California was in town a few years ago for a wedding we took her through Lancaster County and she started screaming in the car "Oh my God they really exist - Amish people." And then she started the same act again when we were at a farm stand buying some fruit and I had to drag her away because she was embarassing us so much. Thank God my MIL wasn't like that at all.

Proud Mom said...

Great shots - amazing that they can keep to their traditional values and practices in the midst of a city! (San Diego just got it's first Sonic it's on our list to try!)