18 June 2009

Trip to PA - Part 8 - Tracy's Race

So I skipped a few things that we did while in PA - mainly the Hershey Gardens and the Butterfly house. I took so many pictures at the Gardens and the Butterfly House, that I will post them as I have time. Probably 5 pictures of various roses each post - and that will go on for a bit.

So on Memorial Day, we all took Tracy to the Boalsburg Memorial Day Race. She has been training with a friend, Cali, who is an awesome runner and coach. She's done many races with Cali in the past few months but usually Cali will ahead of Tracy, finish the race, then turn right around and go against the crowd to find Tracy, then finish the race with her.

I hope you enjoy the pictures - as you will be able to tell, Cali is short, Tracy is pretty tall.

Here she is stretching - it looks like my Dad is playing body guard. Last year my sister said that she wanted to run this race and my Dad said something like "you'll never finish it" or something. So my sister started training for it last year...but on Mother's Day last year she ended up in the hospital with severe stomach pains. Long story short she had abdominal surgery (through her belly button because the dr's didn't want to ruin her flat belly with long scars!) the week before Memorial Day and barely made it down to the festivities in downtown Boalsburg without Danny carrying her. So Tracy carried on my Dad's challenge to this year!

It was at this point that she was telling me she felt like it was a photo shoot. I just love the way she twists her bangs back for when she runs!

On your mark...get set...

GOOOOO!! If you click on this picture I circled Tracy so you can find her. But it was like finding Waldo standing on the edge of the course - my MIL found my own sister before I did in the pack!

Here come the race leaders!

Yeah!! Sister found Cali! He arrived at 8:29am and the race started at 830am!!

She's really a lot taller than Cali!

Look at them go - this was the start of the uphill part of the run. A lot of runners in the area don't run the Boalsburg Run because it's mainly uphill and so difficult.

Finishing up the race - they made it up the hill!!! She looks EXHAUSTED!

Go sister Go!!

Passing the old dude.

Play by play - heading into the finishing chute. Sister beat Cali - well he told her that she has to at least pass the old man....and then Cali slowed down and he finished right behind her!

Just after the race! It looks like she didn't even run the race!

Tracy and Cali

Cali after the race. He didn't even break a sweat because he was running so slow (for him - he runs the Boston Marathon so to run at my sister's pace it was like a walk for him).

Sister showing us how to use your arms to power through the hill!!

Yeah, she'll kill me for putting this pic up, but she's so beautiful and the scenery is beautiful I couldn't resist.

Drinking water after the race.

She has a super pretty profile!

Cali talking with Dad and MIL after the race, right next to the finish chute.

Mom and sister

Talking about something.

Smile one more time sister!


Proud Mom said...

Hurray for Tracy!! What a huge accomplishment - good for her! Great pics and a fun narration of the event!

Snow White and Grumpy said...

Good job Tracy...and good job with the photos. We really enjoyed them. Nice to see our East Coast family. Thanks for sharing.