26 June 2009

More flowers

While I was in PA over Memorial Day weekend, we spent some time walking through the Hershey Gardens. It was a typical hot and humid PA summer day - so we only walked through a small portion of the Hershey Gardens. I took a TON of pictures of the various species of roses.

I don't know what kind of roses they all are, so if you know any, please leave me a comment and I'll update the post with their names!

If you want copies of some of these pictures, then email me - I'll email you a better quality picture than the one I have posted on here (I reduced the quality of the image to it would be a smaller file, which makes it so much easier to post pictures online). Again, if you want to see a larger version of the picture, just click on the image! Enjoy!

**Edited - I've labeled the roses that I don't have names to, making it much easier for me to be able to label them later on!**

These are called Sunsprite Roses.














These are called Mardi Gras Roses!


Cool scuplture in the middle of the Rose Garden!









Anonymous said...

So I for sure want some of these. What pretty photos. We are traveling right now, but I will email you with ones I would like if you don't mind.

Snow White and Grumpy said...

Your pictures are spectacular; the detail is awesome. Hard to imagine all that beauty in one spot. Thanks for sharing.