15 May 2009

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars Rip n' Go

The Friday night before the wedding shoot in Boston, I headed out to Walmart (we all know that I prefer Target, but Walmart is in my town and I didn't have time to get to Target, sigh) to grab a few things for my B-I-L's and Gram's birthday celebration that would be held on the Sunday morning/afternoon.

While in Walmart I came across Quaker Chewy granola bars on an end cap. Normally I would have walked right past them, but these granola bars weren't in a box. Nope they were all stuck together by 2 stickers and you basically just "rip" them apart "n' go"! What a cool idea - no box to throw away...just tear off the bar you want and eat and then throw away the wrapper. They come in packages of 10 bars (in chocolate chip and chocolate chip with peanut butter chips I think) and the entire package of 10 fits into one of the side pockets of my camera bag. Perfect snack for the wedding photography job! Easy to eat, yummy and kinda sorta not really good for you. But I knew I'd need something easy to eat and not messy.

I searched all over the internet and I couldn't a picture of them...I know they exist because I have 2 bars left in the package sitting next to me...so if I took a picture of that, it wouldn't really show much.

But I did find this youtube video...it's not that great quality, but it shows just what I tried to explain!

I haven't seen them in any other stores except Walmart - so maybe it's a Walmart exclusive??

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Proud Mom said...

That IS a great idea! I wish more companies would start thinking about their packages!