29 May 2009

First Photography Assignment Part 4 - The Reception

The first 2 pictures of this post aren't mine. I give credit to the other photographer for sneaking into the reception room before the Hindu ceremony for the cake picture and the table set up...

Their cake was beautiful! Take a look at the larger picture (just click on the image) and look at the piping details (the white icing above each red ribbon). My hand isn't that steady but I would love to make a cake like this.

The table set up were so simple - they handed out Coconut Curry Chocolate bars which were placed on gold chargers. The center pieces were glass bowls with floating candles all circled by red rose petals.

But the rest of the reception pictures are mine - and they really don't need much explanation. I'll put down a few notes as they are needed.

The couple's first dance as a married couple!

These kiddos danced the entire night!

Tom's sister and her husband.

Tom's parents.

Tom's other sister and husband.

Umm, this is what my husband looks like when he dances. I didn't take this picture on purpose, but it turned out really well showing the Indian version of my hubby!

I LOVE her bangles! They played lots of Indian music during the reception.

And this little girl danced all night long - she didn't care if it was a slow song or not...she danced and moved her body like she was made to dance! She was ALWAYS in the middle of a circle of dancing adults.

Tom and his buddies.

So that is the end of the dual ceremony wedding - Jennifer and I worked very well together and I will be helping her out more in the future...so stay tuned for more pictures.
Up next - my trip to Pennsylvania!


Proud Mom said...

Great shots, Dana! What a fun wedding - thanks for bringing us along!

Anonymous said...

Your husband must have gone to dance school with my husband. Ha!

That cake was stunning. The detail work on it was just amazing. I would love a tiny one tiered version of that for my birthday. Wouldn't that be such an awesome gift for someone?

Chocolate curry...hmmm not sure how that would taste.