11 May 2009

First Photography Assignment Part 1 - The Catholic Wedding Ceremony

It's been over a week since I photographed the dual ceremony wedding in Boston, but I have been super busy, and this week will be even busier for me (chorus concerts, plus 2 three hour dress rehearsals and some babysitting and chorus parties thrown in the mix)!

Anyway, since this was a dual ceremony wedding, I'll share pictures of the Catholic ceremony, pictures in Boston's Public Garden, try to describe each step of the Hindu Ceremony (along with a few pictures) and the reception.

So welcome to Part 1, the Catholic Wedding Ceremony.

We've all been (or participated) in a Catholic wedding ceremony, so I won't explain anything with this, just show a few pictures!

Mike, the best man, pinning on his brother's (the Groom, Tom) boutonniere before the ceremony.

Tom making sure that Mike's pocket square was just right!

Mike, Tom and their Mom!

Some of the guests entering the chapel - these women both read during the Catholic ceremony

There were a lot of little kids involved in the ceremony - all dressed in traditional Hindu outfits!

The Bride's Parents

The Groom with his parents

The bride walking down the aisle with her father!

Ariel shot of the Mother's lighting the candles on the alter

The wedding party

Ceremony musicians

Just about time to say the vows!

Tom putting on Namrita's ring!

Namrita putting on Tom's ring!

Lighting the Unity Candle

Singing after exchanging rings. This chapel was on the edge of the Boston Common and just beautiful. I really enjoyed the sculpture on the back wall. Just below it is a baptismal pool!

The kiss!

Ceremony #1 is done, now onto the Public Gardens for pictures.

Part 2 will be in the Public Gardens!


Anonymous said...

Her dress is just stunning! That picture you took of their kiss is so sweet. I bet that is going to be one of their favorites. I know it would be mine.

Proud Mom said...

Beautiful shots, Dana! You are so talented! What a fun wedding that must have been to photograph!