28 May 2009

First Photography Assignment Part 3 - Hindu Wedding Ceremony

So I wasn't able to be part of the Hindu ceremony as I had the daunting task of downloading all the images from the photographer's memory cards so she had more space for the reception.
But I am able to share with you some pictures that the other photographer took of the Hindu Ceremony.

I don't have any pictures of the Barat, when the groom rides either a horse or elephant (in this case, a horse) with his family dancing around to impress the bride and her father.

I do not know much about a Hindu wedding ceremony so I'll share some pictures maybe someone will be able to enlighten us all about the Hindu wedding ceremony!

Wow this turned into a post about everything I don't know or don't have - well the next post is about their reception, which I know lots about and have tons of pictures!

Tom waiting for Namrita in the Hindu Ceremony.

Here comes the bride (walked down the aisle by Tom's sisters, sister in law and Namrita's sister in law).

Look at the henna on her hands!!! Amazing!

The priest (not sure what the man in the white is called, but he presided over the Hindu ceremony) made 7 small piles of rice that the couple had to walk around.

Everyone involved in this ceremony had to take their shoes off...but we do get to see the henna on Namrita's feet!!!

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That would have been so interesting to have seen!