12 May 2009

First Photography Assignment Part 2 - Boston's Public Garden

Boston's Public Garden is just that, a public Garden. It was a BEAUTIFUL day so EVERYONE was outside enjoying the spring flowers, soaking up all the sun and gawking at Tom and Namrita walk by:

The photographer that hired me to assist her took lots of pictures but I managed to take a few with my camera...but it was a little hard as I was carrying 2 camera bags, a tripod and a duffel bag full of other photography stuff. We never used the stuff I was carrying, but we needed it just in case.

The trees were in full bloom and we really lucked out with the weather!! It was raining on our way down to Boston, so glad it cleared up in time for the outside pictures!

Trying to get "the" picture!

As my Dad would say, kissy kissy wooo wooo!

Her dress was simply amazing! Later I'll give you a close up look at the Henna on her hands and feet!

Just look at the way they look at each other - such a beautiful picture and you can just feel their love for one another!

The best man, Mike (Tom's brother) smelling Namrita's bouquet!

Mike and I had lots of time to hang out and chat. We were even part of the crowd control so we could try to at least get 1 photograph without the public in it. But I think pictures of the couple and the public makes it so much better...after all we were in the Public Garden!

Part 3 - The Hindu Wedding Ceremony!

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Proud Mom said...

Your shots really captured the beauty of the bride - it's no wonder the public wanted to get close to her!