11 March 2009

My first few cakes....

It all started in early 2008 and me wanting to learn how to ice a cake. No matter how many tubs of icing I would buy at the grocery store, I was never able to cover a cake. Never.

So I went to my local AC Moore store and signed up for the Wilton 1 class...and boy did I learn how to do more things than just ice a cake!

I now LOVE making and decorating cakes. I haven't experimented with Fondant that much, but I hope to change that soon because I believe that once I get the hang on fondant, anything is possible!

This was the first cake I decorated in class. As you can see, this cake was made the same week that Zoe flew up to visit us!!! It's a yellow cake with chocolate pudding filling and butter cream icing.

This cake I made for my friend Nichole's birthday. Again it's a yellow double layer cake with chocolate gnache filling (YUMMY!!!!) and butter cream icing. I still need to work writing on a cake, but this cake was DELICIOUS!!!

I made this during our Wilton 1 class....I knew that Danny's grandmother LOVED clowns, so while I was at home I added "Happy Spring" to the cake since it was sooo close to it being spring time and then we delivered it to her house!

This is Danny's Gold Star cake I made for him after he won a sales award for work. He works so hard and is so good at his job that both the award and cake were well deserved. He now has 2 plaques hanging up in his office for his amazing achievements at his job!

I have a made a bunch of cakes since I started taking the Wilton classes. I've completed the first 3 classes, now I just have to find time to take the 4th class. Eventually, when we have our house built, I'll frame and hang up my Wilton certificates. It was a lot of hard work for both me (decorating wise) and Danny (because he had to taste test everything before I could submit the cakes in class!).

Little by little I'll share all my cakes with you, even the ones people paid me to make. I'd love to make more cakes and sell them but I don't want to make this a full time job to take all the fun out of it. Maybe just something to do on the side for fun!

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Proud Mom said...

You are so talented! Those cakes are adorable and look totally professional!