10 March 2009

Babies Galore and One Very Special Baby Shower

I don't know if you have noticed or if it's just this time in my life, but I know a ton of people having kids this spring.

It all started with my cousin Lorah who had her first baby in November 2008 and Hailey is just adorable!

Then in January 2009 my other cousin Arielle had her daughter Aaliyah.

But the best surprise of all was when our friends, Scott and Nichole (and their 5 year old son Collin), told us that they were expecting...twin girls!!!! They are due towards the end of April but they will be delivered in the next few weeks.

I had the wonderful honor of hosting a baby shower in their honor in January, well before her due date because we were all expecting that she would soon be on bed rest (she had a tough pregnancy with her first child).

The theme was going to be "Two Peas in a Pod" and I decided I was going to hand make most of the items that we wanted for the baby shower.

It was quite an undertaking, especially since most of these items were made during the month of December, at the same time I was making my Christmas cards (approximatly 75 cards had to be made for me) and Danny's grandparents Christmas Cards (I made 50 cards for them) and we invited about 85 people to the baby shower.

As I find pictures of everything I made for the baby shower, I'll post them, but for now here is a list with some pictures included:

Baby Shower Invitations
(if you are interested in the template I used to print off the text on the inside, let me know and I'll email it to you)

Thank you cards (I used my Cuttlebug to cut out the Thanks line of text for the front of the card)

The message on the inside of this card said:

Thank you for the gift
that we will soon see.

Mom says it's really great,
and you picked it just for us.

Mom is sending this card of thanks
because we have yet to arrive.

And even when we do, we won't write good 'til we're five.


as a Thank you for coming to the baby shower

Baby Sock bouquets
as center pieces

Baby Shower Bingo
(I created approximately 52 Bingo cards with 1 baby item on each square, no card was a like. If you want that document, let me know and I can email it out to you!)

M&M Guess Game

(Fill up a bottle (or as many babies as Mom is having) with M&M's making sure you count how many M&M's you use. Who ever guesses the correct number (or closest without going over) wins the bottle as a prize!)

Baby Shower Cake
This was a 2 layer half chocolate half vanilla cake with the baby heads made out of vanilla cake. I used only butter cream icing for the entire cake (including the filling) with Nilla Wafers as the ears. To make the bow and hair, I used a hot glue gun to glue yellow yarn and a pink bow to skewers and then pushed the skewer through all layers of cake.

The shower was a huge sucess and the parents received many things that they need for when their precious girls are born!!!

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