26 March 2009

And so it beings...

...the baby boom of 2009. We knew that this was coming, but it still takes you by surprise.

Tuesday night my friend Nichole had her twin girls delivered via c-section sometime around 8pm. They named their daughters Jillian and Allison. I know Allison's middle name (Michelle) but last time I spoke with Nichole Jillian's middle name was a toss up between Grace and Irene. Both girls and Momma are doing well in Portland, ME!!

I then find out that my cousin Jen gave birth to her 4th son in Nome, Alaska yesterday morning at 6:59am AKDT (which is 10:59am EDT). His name is Justus Parker (Justus is pronounced like Justice and is German for Justin. It's pronounced YOOS-tus in Germany.) , Just like his brothers he will be called by his middle name so we will call him Parker. Originally his middle name was Pavian, but then they were told that Pavian means baboon in German.

Go ahead, google Pavian...the first thing you will see are pictures of baboons. I'll wait...

Yeah, so they didn't think that their son would like to be called a baboon for the rest of his life, thus the name change!

Now we're waiting for a ton more babies to come along - I believe the next one will be Baby Drew Christian - his Daddy is the Uncle of Parker!!

Just found out that this weekend we're heading up to Plymouth, NH to pick up a hospital bed for Danny's grandfather. Ever since he was released from his last hospital stay, he's been sleeping in his chair at home because he can't lay down flat. Needless to say, Grandpa isn't getting much sleep, so since we have the big truck int he family we'll go pick up the hospital bed and then buy Gram a single bed, so both beds will fit in their bedroom. Then we'll move beds around in their house until Gram is satisfied. It was a sad time for Danny yesterday because he said that by us going to get this hospital bed, it means that his grandfather is dying. He's known this since November 2008, but this was what solidified it for Danny.

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