10 March 2009

Fruit Pies

I made my first blueberry pie in August 2005 probably because blueberries were on sale at the store (yes, despite living on the New Hampshire boarder with Maine, I didn't go blueberry picking up here until I met my hubby). I gave this pie away, but before I did that I was smart enough to take a picture of it!

I think it came out pretty good! I am sure that Nichole and Scott really enjoyed it.

Ever since I moved in with Danny (February 2007, we got married June 2007) I have been baking him (and our neighbors and his family) fruit pies like crazy.

I really don't like fruit, let alone fruit pies. But I do love picking fruit. Every fall we go apple picking at a local orchard and at the same time we usually pick up a pumpkin if Danny's grandfather hasn't given us one by then. In the summer we go blueberry and raspberry picking. We really can't wait to get our house built so we can plant fruit trees and bushes.

Danny reaching for a high up apple this past fall, 2008.

These pumpkins were carved on our first Halloween together, October 2006. We didn't carve any this year because we were so busy, but we did get a HUGE pumpkin from Danny's grandfather to put on our deck step!

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