09 April 2009

Wiggly Bridge

Sunday Danny and I had some time between the 2nd service at church and a gathering at a fewllow church choir member's house so we decided to go down the street from our church to the Wiggly Bridge.

I knew my camera battery was low, but I didn't know how low until I got home and downloaded the pictures. I took a ton of pictures of 2 seagulls but they weren't great at all. I won't even share any here. They were that bad.

The tide was going out, and I really liked how the water flowed from one side of the bridge to the other and so I started snapping away. This was my favorite picture of the day.

I think I may print this and get it framed. I'm also thinking about making 4x6 prints of that image to put on the front of note cards.

What do you think - would you be interested in note cards with this photograph on the front?


Anonymous said...

I like that photo of the water. Makes me think anything is possible. Just takes a turn of the tides, you know?
Ok so stupid question is the Wiggly bridge the actual name...or does the bridge wiggle?

Proud Mom said...

What a fun bridge - LOVE that water picture - just beautiful!