14 April 2009


I have visited with my friend and her kids a few times since the girls were born. The first time was when they were 1 week old (March 31, 2009) up in Maine Medical Center. I stayed for about 6 hours with Nichole so her husband could go home (New Hampshire), pay some bills, get clean clothes and say hi to their 5 year old son (Collin). I took some pictures with my phone, but since it was Nichole who was the patient in the hospital and not the twins, I had my hands full with feedings, cuddling and diaper changing.

Then I got to spend an afternoon at their house on Good Friday, and what a Good friday it was!

I want to introduce you to the twins!

Allison Michelle (17 days old)

Jillian Irene (17 days old)

Big Brother Collin snuggling with Jillian

I was able to catch a small nap after the girls had their 4:30pm bottle, and I got to cuddle with them both! They LOVE to be all snuggly!

What a special treat - I hope to be able to share more pictures as these precious girls grow!


Anonymous said...

So cute. Dan was talking to me last night about the possibility of the next time around it being twins. On one hand I think it would be awesome. Who doesn't love a baby and two babies would be even better. But wow talk about a handful!

Proud Mom said...

Hey- I didn't know you had a blog! Great look and gorgeous pictures! Love the baby girls - so precious!