27 April 2009

Our weekend in a nutshell...

We cleaned.

And no I didn't take any pictures, but I should have done before and after pictures. But then again, who wants to see yucky stuff not cleaned? I'll spare you - but this blog is long and doesn't contain any pictures. None.

Friday night I scrubbed the bath tub and shower curtain (they were orange. Praise God for Clorox!) and the toilet. Now the toilet is broken - Saturday morning it started to make funny gurgling sounds after the tank filled up with water. So the toilet was always running. I didn't take anything out of the tank or move anything, just used my trusty scrub brush and some soapy water in the tank. Now the latest chapter in the broken toilet saga started this morning - after the tank is filled with water the water line is shaking and makes a horrible rumbling sound.

But being my mother's daughter I've started turning off the water once the tank is filled so we don't waste any water :-)

My Mom has been "green" even before it was cool. We made our own library bags instead of using plastic bags. We used the washing machine's grey water to water our plants outside during draughts. We always had an organic garden and we ALWAYS used the compost pile. We even let neighbors put fresh food into our compost pile. One time a neighbor put brand new fresh fruit in the compost...uncut cantaloupe!!! So my Mom went out and picked it out of the pile, washed it and cut it up. Dad never knew!

Saturday I did all the laundry (I even folded the clothes right out of the dryer! This is amazing since I NEVER fold clothes as soon as they are out of the dryer. I just hate folding and putting away clothes. I don't mind washing them), cleaned the kitchen and ran the dishwasher a few times. Also donated an IKEA blue bag over flowing with shirts that Danny doesn't want anymore. I should have spent time outside on Saturday since it was 90 DEGREES out, but I didn't. We did go to a local park to watch the sun set and walked around where the Bellamy River meets the Piscataqua River (which then goes out to the Atlantic Ocean). The Piscataqua River is pretty awesome. Apparently it's current is rated as one of the fastest in North America and true to it's testament, there are a TON of freighters that use Portsmouth, NH as port! For more info about the Piscataqua River, take a look at this Wikipedia page.

Sunday we went to church but didn't go back to the Wiggly bridge - nope, we had to get home to do more cleaning. Yes, we finally cleaned our mold infested windows and sliding glass door. It took hours. Now we just need to paint using special paint so the mold won't grow back. I'll be painting the window grills tonight (hopefully at the same time my father-in-law is working on our toilet). I never heard of window grills until I moved to New England and I know that I DO NOT want them on the house we are going to build in the future (even if they are now placed between the window panes, I still hate them). Until then, I have to contend with removing the grills every time I want to clean the windows. And sometimes the grills stick to the glass which makes it an oh so fun time!

Phew, this post isn't fun to read, but I had a lot to say. If you made it this far, thanks for sticking with me.

And if you did read this whole post, then why don't you sign up to be one of my 7? I only have 1 lucky volunteer, but I could use 6 more :-) (ahem California Williams's!! You guys are the only people I know that read this blog other than my blogger friend Jessica).

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Proud Mom said...

Whew! I need to sit with my feet up for a minute just to rest after READING about how busy your weekend was!! ;-) I bet you are now basking in the glow of a shimmering home, aren't you? I think the best part of cleaning is admiring it in the days after!

I've never even HEARD of a window grill - is it like a screen? What's it for?

Okay - I will sign up to be one of your lucky seven..... sounds like fun! (I will post my challenge after my Hawaii stuff is done - okay?)

And also, YAY for your mom being green! (okay, that didn't sound right, but you know what I mean....!)