10 July 2009

Off PowerPad Lamp

Mosquitos love me, I hate them. When I started dating Danny, we did a lot of camping, eating outside, and just being outside. And this became a problem for me because I would spend most of my time smacking the mosquitos off my arms, legs, face, whatever. And then I had bites all over and it just didn't look good professionaly. And they didn't feel good personally (duh). So, along came OFF!'s invention of the PowerPad Lamp - my lifesaver.

So when I saw that Felicia over at gograhamgo was giving away one of these lamps, I had to enter. I use these daily in the summer...honestly I do. At my wedding wedding reception we didn't have candles on the tables, we used these lamps so I didn't have to wear bug repellent.

Go here and enter this giveaway!!

1 comment:

Proud Mom said...

SOunds interesting, may have to give it a try! Thanks for the tip!